Hello, it's us!

The Craftview idea

We bundle the most proven software solutions with last mile functionality focused on specialized domains within the construction industry into a powerful platform of tried and tested know-how. The result? A place from which everyone and everything can benefit from an available base of knowledge transfer: Our developers, our product quality, our service offering and, above all, our customers. Our target market includes businesses of all sizes, ranging from passionately driven “one-man shows” to competitively placed medium-sized companies. The driving force behind all this? Our common goal of wanting to deliver work that is perfect. Together, it is our vision to push boundaries and to grow.

We are Craftview

For us, it`s a superlative mix of topflight industry know-how that creates first-class, user-friendly software tools. These tools then become our customers most trusted partners, the ones they work with every day. They make quality work possible along with higher productivity. This is our goal.

Why are our software tools so easy to use? Because they are specifically designed to make the lives of our customers and their clients, in turn, as smooth and efficient as possible. We listen.

To make this happen, we combine cutting-edge software expertise with a deep understanding of the detailed requirements of each industry. We are always on hand to help our customers optimize their processes in terms of digitalization, cost-effectiveness, quality and safety.

Our secret ingredient? Our Employees.

Short decision-making processes combined with open, direct communication and a cooperative team spirit characterize our working culture. We love what we do and it shows. And, as diverse as the experience and qualifications of our employees are, we all think the same: Passion for being a reliable and innovative partner to our customers.

Klaus Enke, CEO
Craftview Software GmbH