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The Craftview idea

We bundle the most proven software solutions with last mile functionality focused on specialized domains within the construction industry into a powerful platform of tried and tested know-how. The result? A place from which everyone and everything can benefit from an available base of knowledge transfer: Our developers, our product quality, our service offering and, above all, our customers. Our target market includes businesses of all sizes, ranging from passionately driven “one-man shows” to competitively placed medium-sized companies. The driving force behind all this? Our common goal of wanting to deliver work that is perfect. Together, it is our vision to push boundaries and to grow.

Industry solutions


We are well aware of the significant role we play in our customer`s lives. Our software solutions are among our clients` most important tools, giving them a professional edge and increasing productivity and efficiency. It is our view, therefore, that they need to work 100% under all circumstances. No exceptions. Could we aim for even more than this? Absolutely. An even higher aspiration is to have these solutions improve over time, to get better and better. That's why we are constantly developing and adapting them to the fast-paced mobile working world.

Value-Added Service

The most important component of our software? People.

We are only satisfied when our customers are 100% proficient in our software, when they are able to use, enjoy and see the benefits of the programs for themselves. That's why we take care of all training and usage optimisation right from the start. Personally. Our experts configure our solution precisely so that each company can get the most out of it. With the fewest steps. And, of course, if something doesn't work as expected, they'll help troubleshoot, find the issue and resolve it.

15,000customers and counting.

Improved and well-integrated processes mean more time for our customers.

Lars Spielmann
Schneider Intercom GmbH
es2000 Errichter Software GmbH

Thanks to perfect site preparation, we can further shorten construction times and reduce costs.

Iris Renfordt
renfordt Malerfachbetrieb GmbH
WinWorker GmbH


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Good news for new recruits: We are on a growth path. Our job offers change daily. So, if you're thinking about applying for a job with us: do it!